Adding a new module

I am trying to add a new module to my site which is not in the centrally supported list.

When I go to ‘Extend’, ‘Add a module’ and enter the URL (, I get permission denied even though i am signed in.

Any suggestions? Looking at Adding local modules through Composer [RECOMMENDED], it suggests I create a gitlab repo which seems quite complicated compared to how it used to be previously.

Hi Tim

FTP access has been retired for security reasons. Ideally you would want to create a dedicated repository and customised composer.json, but if you just want to add a single module, you can still do so through webDAV or oc. In your case, webDAV is likely the easiest. You can follow this guide on updating modules as the steps are effectively the same: Kindly note the reference on how to get access to your site’s webDAV.


Thanks - would it be possible to install oc on lxplus ? This would lower the effort to configure/maintain.

One extra thing - I also get permission denied when I download the module to my client and then specify the file in the panel. I don’t think this would need FTP so is there a chance that could be made available ? It is a little confusing when the web site suggests a set of things to do which are then not allowed.

Actually, lxplus has kubectl, which is practically the same client. You can drop-in replace oc with kubectl in 99% of our instructions.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go.

It is a little confusing when the web site suggests a set of things to do which are then not allowed.

It’s indeed unfortunate that this is the present state and we have medium-term plans to make it more consistent. This however needs to take into account the strategic direction that the IT dpt wants to take regarding website customizations in the future.

Decisions aside, one thing I can say from the technical perspective is that the PHP package manager, composer, is nowadays almost necessary to work with a Drupal site. Our current way to give you access to composer is only through the guide you linked that includes a Gitlab repo – but strictly speaking, it’s not the Gitlab repo that is here to stay, it’s composer. Given enough resources, I would personally prioritize as a user experience improvement to research alternative integrations.
Unfortunately, we’re not at the stage of development yet where this item can be considered a priority.

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In addition to what Konstantinos said above, we are also in a situation where a large amount of our documentation is either out-of-date or no longer relevant due to both infrastructure changes and updates to Drupal. This is an ongoing effort and something we are keen to get corrected whenever time allows. Indeed, given sufficient resources, improving the user experience is central.

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Dear Tim,
I had the same problem recently. I recommend to have a look at the related ticket: Installation of modules denied, it contains the instructions to install modules under Drupal 9.
Good luck!