E-mail from Drupal service: "Your version of Drupal is no longer supported"


I have received the following e-mail from the Drupal service for all of the sites I am responsible for:

Your version of Drupal is no longer supported. Upgrading is stronglyrecommended!

See the available updates page for more information:

Your site is currently configured to send these emails only when securityupdates are available. To get notified for any available updates,http://atlas-voting/admin/reports/updates/settings.

My understanding was that the migration from Drupal 8 to 9 would happen automatically. Is this the case, or do I have to take some action now?

Best wishes,

James Catmore

Hi James

According to https://atlas-voting.web.cern.ch/admin/reports/upgrade-status, your website has not yet been updated to Drupal 9. Whilst your website largely seems ready (except for the two WebForms addon modules no longer being supported; do you still require these?), and would be scheduled accordingly, we have paused further Drupal 9 updates till after the break. Once back, we will handle the update to Drupal 9 for you. No need on your behalf to take any action in this regard indeed.


Hi @joachim ,

thanks for the quick response! I suspect we may need those two add-on modules, since the site is indeed a means of sending out a webform for anonymous elections and then analysing the results. So in fact, webforms are the sole purpose of this site.

I’m assuming that there is some equivalent module in Drupal 9 to allow us to continue doing the same thing? The site was devised by your CERN IT colleague Eduardo, who has now left CERN. I understand the same setup is used by CMS and the CERN council - do you know if they have already migrated?



Hi James

I just wanted to let you know that the Webform project published a Drupal 9 compatiable version last month (see https://www.drupal.org/project/webform for more information). At the moment, the ^9.2 version (we are soon upgrading to 9.3.x) is still in beta, though it is a good sign that development has picked up. I would expect related modules to do something similar. As such, I can only assume that you can continue to use the site as intended for the use-cases you may have.

You can see a recent progress overview at https://drupal-community.web.cern.ch/t/which-cern-websites-have-already-upgraded-to-drupal-9/1357. Those pending are in various states of readiness, though we will be picking up speed in terms of upgrading the remaining ones.