FAQ List (Accordion) not showing body text


I’m on https://test-lhcathome-d8.web.cern.ch/faq

I cannot get the FAQ items to expand to show the answer.

I’ve followed the instructions at https://webtools.web.cern.ch/technologies/drupal/expansion/cern-display-formats for Accordion, but just can’t get it working.

I have my display mode selected; title, body etc:

And my view is:

And yet it’s not working… What am I doing wrong…?


Hello Cath,

I just checked the FAQ without being logged in and it works. Did you change something?



No, nothing changed since I posted. I’m logged in, though odd that it works for you unauthenticated…

Ok I tested something and I found that it has to do with JS aggregation.

Funny thing is that something similar was reported ~ 1 hour ago in Dropdown menus not working at all on CERN Theme. You can have a look on the link on how to solve it. I will try to find what causes all the aggregation issues, but for now keeping it disabled solves it.