Have changes been applied to CSS ? My sites look weird


For a few days, my Drupal sites look weird:

  • images ratio are no more respected
  • fonts are sometimes not correct

Home | CERN Science Gateway - wrong font
Partnerships | CERN Science Gateway - wrong image sizes
Welcome | Visit CERN - Small circle icons look all ovoid

Am I the only one to experience this ?
Is this related to D9 migration ?
What can be done ?


Hi François

In regards to images, please have a look at https://drupal-community.web.cern.ch/t/d9-embedded-images-deformed/1471. If this is not helpful or you continue to experience issues in this regard, please let us know. As for the fonts sometimes not showing correctly; can you please confirm whether this is always on the same site(s)? If yes, please let us know which. We have had some reported issues of resources not loading correctly; this might be what is happening to you as well. This is not so much an issue with Drupal 9 as it is an issue with the underlying infrastructure.

I am not sure what you mean with “small circle icons”, sorry?