How to add a component to a custom content type

How can I add a image gallery or a slider to a basic page?

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Hello Adbdul,

I guess you refer to the image gallery and slider components.

Normally you can place them using the Landing Page content type. However you can also use them in different content types because they are paragraphs - made using paragraph types - and hence they can be referenced by any content type.

So in order to reference a paragraph:

  1. Create a field of type Reference revisions: Paragraph
  2. Choose which paragraph types you want to reference. In your case it should be Image Gallery and Slider but obviously you can choose whichever paragraph type you want

Now whenever you create a basic page you will be able to add a Slider and/or Image Gallery.

Hope this is helpful. I will also create an article on the webtools website regarding the issue.



Thank you, it was really helpful, and I would ask if I can add a caption to an image? I don’t have the option if I upload my photo in an image gallery.

Thank’s again,