Integrate 360° immersive tour


I have a folder with a file of a immersive tour of our experiment.
How do I integrate it in the best way (regarding where to put it in webdav hierarchy/upload it in a field AND having a frame on the page instead of putting a link to an external site)?
e.g. like here:

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I used an Iframe to put it onto the page but I still don’t know how to integrate it internally in the file system.
So one issue solved :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

Does anyone have a suggestion for me?

Thanks, Nadine

Hello Nadine,

Sorry I though the issue was solved. Yes the way to go is to embed it in an iframe. Now there are two ways to add an iframe:

  1. Add it the source of your text
  2. Add it in an iframe field. I had a look and there exists an iframe module and when you enable it, it creates an iframe field type. Then you can create a new field in your content type of type iframe and whenever you create new content you just fill the info and all good.

I think you should go with the second solution if you know that you will consistently have iframes in your content of this content type.

Let me know if that works for you


Hi Konstantinos,

the Iframe module is a good solution for another content type I have. Thanks! For this 360 Tour I only have chosen a basic page. I still wonder where to upload my file internally instead of an external link. The file size of the tour is (if I remember it correctly) 1.5 MB. So I would like to have it in the database of my Drupal site. But I still dont know how to put the file in webdav and then linking it correctly in the bssic page.
Do you know what I mean?

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Ok now I get it.

You should mount your website and then store the file under the /files/... directory. To keep things more organized you can create a sub-folder and place them there. For example /files/360-tours/.

Then in order to access them from your basic page, you should use the following URL: /sites/<url_of_the_website>/files/360-tours/<filename>

Perfect, thank you!
It may has been a simple question but I wanted to do it in the right way :slight_smile:

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Hi Nadine,

Should you consider the development of a new 360° virtual tour, have a look at what we have done for the Globe of Science and Innovation

Create an immersive 360° tour in a few clicks with H5P - How To - Drupal community (



Hi François,

awesome! Thank you for your post!