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I am trying to create an interactive map (GIS or simply an image) of the Meyrin site to show responsible people for each building, but I cannot install the CERN H5P Interactive Content module or find another way of doing it.
Could you please help me?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Hi Diana

Have a look here: How to add the image of the GIS map into a Drupal website

No need to use H5P.


I have seen this solution, but for me it is not enough to only add the GIS map because I want to add people responsible for the buildings from my group, not only the official ones.
So I need to create a custom map with a possibility of clicking on some of the buildings and see certain information that is not available on the official map.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Diana

Please be advised that what you are seeking to do goes beyond off-the-shelf solutions for both map management and what Drupal has to offer. While you are perfectly able to achieve this, it is not something which the Web Team will be able to assist with due to our constrained resources. You refer to “official maps”: Do you mean If no, is that perhaps something which could be used for your particular use-case?


When saying “official map” I do mean the GIS map.

In that case, I will continue seeking for a solution.

Thank you,