Search link : how to translate it + how to modify the results view

Hi everyone,

I would like to translate into French the “Search link” on my main menu. How can I do that?

Another question, how can I modify the search results view, and replicate the view of the “Search Results” from

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Hello Marie,

I am answering below:

You can do that by using the User Interface Translation like explained in How to translate a CERN Component?.

You can have a look in this drupal documentation. In general you need to create a view that overrides the search result. In home website we have set the Preview List pattern in the used display and set the view to be rendered using the Teaser List display format.

Hi Kostas,

I don’t quite get it…

The content is already translated in French. On the User Interface Translation, e.g. see:

But it still appears in English even when “FR” is selected, e.g. see:

Can’t I just modifiy this view (, or would it be possible to share with me a screenshot of the view so that I can copy it? I am not sure I am capable to create it from scratch.



Did you clear the caches?

Yes, I have.

Ok I confirm it is a bug, I will fix it asap.


Is there an easy way to remove the author from the Search results?



Dear @mbbouvie,

This view is a default one. We can remove that only by creating CSS file where you can put display: none; to every element you don’t want to see. You’d have to install CERN override theme and delete field there.
For example in the screenshot you can see display: none; in the element for the first search result.
Screenshot 2020-09-02 at 16.07.33

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