Test-site to real site (old club webpage)


I have a question. I’ve created a test-site for a CERN club (The CERN Choir) https://test-cernchoir.web.cern.ch/

We would like to clone it (?) to the real site https://club-choir.web.cern.ch/. I looked a bit at a thread regarding migrating from D7 to D8, but this old site is not in Drupal 7. There might also be an issue since I’m not the admin of the old site.

Any tips on what to do?


Hi Ebba,

First you need to request the preservation of your test site https://test-cernchoir.web.cern.ch/ by filling this form. The “Associated Official Site name” in your case will be club-choir.

After your test site is moved to the Cloud (new infrastructure), you need to delete the https://club-choir.web.cern.ch. You can find the owner through the old web services portal in case you don’t have admin permissions.

After the old site has been deleted, you can create a clone of your test site by following this guide Create a test site. In your case, the url of the clone will be club-choir.web.cern.ch.


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