Translation issue?


I would like some advices regarding the translation of landing pages.
I am trying to translate my home page and the sections andblocks inside and In my FR version I have no the smae structure, when I try to add for example the hero frame I have no add botton,…
How can I translate my home page properly?

Another issue is regarding the insert view included in body of a content type.
Even if the view has been constructed as translation according with the page language, it does not work when this view is insert in the body.
Recommendations please? Must I translate the view itself?
See the example:

Thanks a lot

Any suggestion?

Hi Almudena,

Regarding the first issue you need to change the paragraph widget of the landing pages in order to be able to add more sections and modify translations. I have provided the steps to do that in a similar post here How to modify sections in a translated Landing Page

I have applied the changes for you.

As for the second issue I don’t see any problem. When I switch to French the view is in French as well as the items’ URLs of the view. Everything seems fine.

Hi Sotirios
Thanks a lot for your help.
I do not understand the second issue, I did not do anything and it works now.
But I was not crazy the problem was real,…
In any case now I can do the french part of my website.
Many thanks

Hi Almudena,

Maybe a clear cache was needed.

I am glad that all worked out.