Websites not available in OpenShift infrastructure

ALICE webmaster we are a group of people and we manage several sites. But we don’t have access to all the sites in the new Openshift infrastructure. Can you help us?
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Dear Guillermo,

The website owner can define an e-group as administrator by going to Openshift, select the project, click on “Details” and then on the " Manage roles and ownership for this application" link. Then simply change the administrator in “Application details” (see screenshot).


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Hi Guillermo

Thanks for raising this. If Catherine’s response (thanks, by the way!) does not resolve your issue, I am guessing this relates to the SimpleSAMLphp module discussion we had on Zoom the other day. If yes, I will kindly refer to the tickets you have submitted as further communication will arrive there.


Dear Joachim

Catherine’s answer is correct and solves the missing website in the project manager in the openshift console. The SimpleSamLphp is another issue, completely different.
By the way, the Catherine’s answer is the solution for the issue

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Hi again

Thanks for the confirmation! I have marked Catherine’s answer as the solution.