Access WebDAV [Temporary]

How to access WebDAV

Get WebDAV password

Before accessing WebDAV, we first need to retrieve the credentials.


1. Access the Openshift Portal
2. Select the project (site) you wish to get the password of:

3. Make sure you select Administrator on the left side-bar


4. Click on Installed Operators

5. Click on “Create Drupal website” (and validate you are in the correct Project)

The button is called “Create Drupal website”, but it also gives you a list of current sites.

6. Click on the website as follows:

7. Now click on “YAML”, and then you will see the password as pointed by the red arrow:

Access WebDAV through the Browser

To access webdav on the cloud Drupal through the browser, first go to <yoursite>/_webdav

A pop up will appear to login, similar to this:

then login as follows:

Username: admin
Password: (get the password as described above)

Access through a WebDAV client:

URL: <yoursite.url>/_webdav

Username: admin
Password: (get the password as described above)

Note: the settings might vary between webdav clients.

Note for Windows Users: Instructions are available to mount WebDAV on your Windows machine.